YourOwnCalendar Information

YourOwnCalendar is a full featured online calendar service.

As soon as you sign up for a trial account, you or your organization will have a working online calendar ready for you to begin adding events to.

A simple link can be established between your own website and your new, online calendar and back again - allowing for easy integration into your present website.

We can also provide you with the coding for you to have a simple event list of the next upcoming events which can be easily integrated into your organization's ''splash'' page. Please see St. Albert Protestant Schools for an example of this easily customizable and minimized event list.

Many of the features of YourOwnCalendar version 3.0 are explained below with the help of our OnLine Assistant or a link to a sponsor's website:

  • Events are added quickly in our special Add Event page
  • Place your own Logo at the top of your calendar
  • Repeating events can be easily created
  • Day numbers for Rotational Days
  • Improved Printing Options
  • Background Day shading is easy
  • Ordering Events
  • Copying Events between ''Sub-Calendars''
  • Post Event feature allows individual schools to post events up to a district websiteGo to St. Albert Protestant Schools
  • Calendar visitors can self-register for e-mail event notices
  • E-mail module allows visitors to receive e-mail event notices
  • Class Assignments Module allows teachers to easily add an online assignment Go to Mr. Fawcett's Grade Two Class Assignments Module
  • WebLinks Module allows teachers/users to easily add weblinks to their website Go to Mrs. Surmon's WebLinks Module
  • newPhotoGallery Module allows teachers/users to easily maintain a photogallery on their website Go to Simpson's PhotoGallery

By signing up for a free, trial calendar, you can take YourOwnCalendar for a complete ''test drive'' and ''tour''.