School District Pricing & Information

We provide school districts with a complete calendar solution - allowing every school in your district to have an online, calendar presence. Secretaries will love the ability to enter events quickly, specify their school's rotational day cycle and let the calendar automatically fill in the day cycle, easily print their calendar in black & white or colour, and post events up to their district's website calendar.

With YourOwnCalendar, each school in your district can post "aliased" events up to their own district's website calendar. If the posted, school event gets modified or deleted, the event is simultaneously changed within their district's calendar.

With YourOwnCalendar, parents can register for automatic e-mail event notification. YourOwnCalendar can be set-up to send an automatic monthly event list via email to all registered parents within a specified day each month.

YourOwnCalendar allows interested teachers to have their own "class" calendar which can receive specified events from the school's main calendar as administered by the school secretary.

Secretaries do not need to double their efforts as their online calendar is easily printed directly from their own browser and can be used for school newsletters.

    YOC3 also has several modules which can increase the utility of your school's website:

  • PhotoGallery module new - allows any teacher to manage their own secured gallery of pictures - upload raw pictures directly from the camera and the module will process the files to be "web-sized"
  • Newsletter module - allows your school secretary to easily post your monthly newsletter to your school's website in either a pdf or word document format.
  • Contacts' List module - allows your school secretary to input, modify and easily put online, a list of staff with their contact information (easily integrated into your school's present website)
  • WebLinks module - allows each individual teacher to add their own WebLinks for their own students so students can be easily directed to relevent websites from home or school using your school's present website! (see Muriel Martin Elementary School)
  • Class Assignments module - allows each individual teacher to add their own class assignments, linked from and to your school's website. Students can answer these assignments online (from home!), post their answers using a password protected ''Teacher Password'' and edit their answers using their own ''Access Code'' (see this module in practice!). Teachers can respond to student answers using the ''Teacher Comment'' field.

School Districts are able to take advantage of purchasing our calendar service and all modules at special district pricing**. Please see our chart, below, for these prices. The prices, below, include the one additional calendar account for your district's website:

Percentage* of Participating Schools: Calendar only - Canadian Prices Calendar plus all modules:
90-100% $70.ºº per school per year $120.ºº per school per year
80-89% $80.ºº per school per year $130.ºº per school per year
60-79% $90.ºº per school per year $140.ºº per school per year
Less than 59%** $95.ºº per school per year $150.ºº per school per year

  * percentage is based upon your total number of schools within your district
** minimum number of participating schools must be equal to or greater than 4

    There is an additional one-time set-up fee of $40 per school (unless purchased through KAGI)