YourOwnCalendar is more than a calendar!  It is a complete website solution designed specifically for schools and school districts.
Using the added modules, YourOwnCalendar allows each school to:
• manage a main calendar from which events can be posted up to a district level calendar (see: St. Albert Protestant Schools)
• manage a main calendar from which teachers can copy events from for their own class or course calendar (see: Bellerose School)
• upload monthly newsletters in word or pdf format and notify parents via e-mail of a new newsletter posting (see: Gish School)
• manage your own online staff list complete with pictures (optional) (see: Gish School)
• allow each teacher to easily manage their own set of WebLinks directing students to specific websites (see: Muriel Martin School)
• upload raw digital photos and display them in a customizable PhotoGallery which can be password protected (F.O.I.P.) (see: Simpson School)
• allow teachers to post online assignments which students can answer online from home or school (see: Mr. Fawcett's class assignments)

Setting up and using YourOwnCalendar and its modules is easy . . . From your school's website, you can link directly to your calendar and various modules OR you can easily embed each within your website to have a ''seamless'' integration.
Our programmers will assist you with this option if needed.

We invite you to take a look around and visit some of our present clients. If you are a school district, please explore our "school districts" area which describes how all schools within your district can own linked calendars - allowing the posting of events from each school up to a central "district" calendar.